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Insurance Service

Insurance Service

Why would I need insurance for shipment from/to Thailand?

The terms of sale agreed in a commercial transaction defined who is responsible for the shipment of goods. In other words, they specify who – the buyer or the seller – pays for:

  • The acquisition of documents
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Freight forwarding agent
  • Customs duty and taxes

VPLUS EXPERT Note: This article will describe how to decide before the problem happens. We will see the various clauses in insurance contracts, details about the strategy to take and how to contact the insurance in case of litigation.


To monitor and reduce the risk of loss or damage, our customers will have the chance to rely on a specialized entity. Thus, VPLUS EXPERT provides a risk prevention service (known as Marine Loss Control Engineering).

VPLUS EXPERT has a strong international network that will provide you the best protection possible. We do everything we can to preserve the strengths of our customers and their commercial reputation. All these thanks to a pragmatic commercial approach and great technical expertise.

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